Canon EOS 5D Mark III (cuerpo)

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III CMOS:

Canon EOS 5D Mark III … finally. Dear Canon users, thank you for waiting. On the other hand, arch-rival Nikon had time to announce two new professional models (Nikon D4 and Nikon D800), but Canon EOS, a model that didn’t arouse as much anticipation as Nikon did. Stayed in 1D-X only. Probably because it was announced too early to be released. But let’s see if this 5D replacement convinces him. We’re here after almost a year or more of rumors, with some grounds that the drop-by-drop spec was leaked. “Caught in the act” testing one of Oachs’ prototypes.

That said, it’s true that the Canon world expected this model to far surpass his 1D-X. Well, many experts have taken a look at his two previous models of his 5D. We find that many professionals, especially in social and event photography, hope that with this model the well-known focus problems in poor lighting conditions will finally be forgotten. I got The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is 3 years old and is priced at around £3,200 for the base price of the body, considering the option to kit it with the 24-105 is €3,900. Already know.

Canon 5D Mark III:

Canon 5D Mark III In addition to the specs (shown below), the camera’s design appears to take the form of its younger sister, the 7D. The power button has been moved to the area next to the mode dial, but the wheel of The lock is co-located with a single slider instead of being split like the previous model. Another novelty already integrated into the 7D is a new select button for quickly switching between photo/video options, and a new record button integrated in the middle. So, in terms of exterior design, we can clearly say that we are dealing with a slightly larger version of the 7D.

Improved the focus point, which was a weak point of the previous model
Another innovation seems to be the ‘supposed’ improvement in focus points. They’ve been extended to 61 points, but it’s still unclear how they perform in low-light situations (a weakness of the 5D MK III). dont understand. Recording speeds increase to 6-7 frames per second, making this camera the perfect photographic “all terrain” (apart from the magnification that plagues one or more). And, of course, the much-requested double slot (CF+SD in this case).

Video of this new 5D Mark III as the same weapon:

Finally, to end this brief rundown of major news, I can’t help but name what’s included in the subject of the video. It was one of the factors that made his predecessor so famous. Note that this section for the first time allows recording in ALL-i (infraframe), an encoding that limits data compression and allows you to get a coarser file. Finally, the inclusion of an audio input for headphones makes monitoring sound even easier and adds the ability to manage time code.